Can Auto Insurance Be Suspended? – Aurora CO

Hi. This is Estefania with the Conway Insurance Agency back with another most asked insurance question, which today is, “Can auto insurance be suspended?” And the answer is, yes, it can. We get a lot of calls from customers wanting to bring down their payment. They have a vehicle they don’t really use that often, and a lot of them just store the vehicle for winter time because it’s not all-wheel drive, they don’t really use it during that time. So we recommend suspending the vehicle.
It still keeps the comprehensive coverage on there, which covers all the major things like vandalism, theft, hail damage, everything you’d want it to be covered for, just without the liability portion. That’s why it’s also referred to as storage insurance, because it is basically a coverage for when you’re storing your vehicle. Here with Allstate, you have to have the vehicle suspended for at least 30 days in order for you to not have to pay that amount of time that you weren’t using the vehicle. And yeah, that’s another way that we lower the payments, but still keep you with the coverage that you actually need.
Thanks again for listening. If you have any more questions, please keep sending them our way. You can always give us a call here at the office, we always answer. Yeah, just let us know. Thank you.

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