Can Auto Insurance Deny A Claim? – Aurora CO

Hi, it’s Patrick from Conaway Insurance Agency. We’re going to answer another question today from one of our customers. Can auto insurance deny coverage? Yes. I’ll talk about the three main reasons that we see coverage or claims being denied, especially at Allstate and here in our agency.
Number one is kids. So kids are painfully expensive to insure, and a lot of times parents don’t want to add them to the policy. They’re off at college, what have you. But if you’re financially responsible for that child, they technically still reside in your household for at least 90 days. They need to be listed on the policy and that gives them the ability to drive all of the vehicles, and it eliminates the chance that Allstate or your insurance company would deny a claim because they’re listed on the policy. So it’s the right thing to do.
The second thing is business use. Oftentimes we see somebody has a van insured and it’s 100% or primarily used for business and they have it listed on their personal policy. So if there’s an accident, claim shows up and inspects the vehicle and they see Kristen’s Flooring, LLC on the side of the van. Obviously that van is purposed for business and a claim can be denied because you have it listed on your personal policy.
The last one I would say, and this is growing in popularity over the past five to six years, is Uber, Lyft, Grubhub. So if you’re driving your vehicle for any of those reasons and you don’t have what’s called a ride for hire endorsement, you need to speak with your agent and inquire about adding that to your policy so that you’re covered in the event that you’re picking up a passenger or on your way to pick up food for Grubhub, et cetera. So talk to your agent. They’ll explain that more in detail, but with Allstate, it’s called a ride for hire endorsement. If you add that, it’ll make sure that you don’t have a claim denied. Thanks for the question. Great questions.

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