Full Coverage? – Aurora CO

Hi, everybody. I wanted to do a quick video. We’re getting a lot of phone calls and questions every day. And people don’t seem to understand the coverages that they have. And we want to make sure that you not only understand your coverage, but you know where every dollar’s going. So we talk to people and they say, “I have full coverage.” Do you?
Generally, what they’re referring to in that case is comprehensive and collision, the combination of those two. So with the collision portion of your insurance, you’re driving along and you hit something, whatever you hit is always going to be paid for under your visual studio 2017 crack yapma property damage coverage. But if you have collision coverage, we’ll fix your vehicle as well. So for older vehicles, it may make sense to drop the collision and you can add what’s called UMPD, uninsured motorist property damage. So if your car doesn’t carry collision, but it’s involved in either a hit and run or you’re hit by an uninsured motorist, Allstate would pay to fix your vehicle or they would write you a check and total it out. So you can still have some coverage without the collision piece. iobit malware fighter 6.3 key
The comprehensive is what we’re seeing more claims on today. And I want to cover the comprehensive piece. So that’s theft, vandalism, hail damage, broken glass, or broken windshield, hit a deer, hit an animal, hit an object in the road that you can’t avoid. Those are all things that are outside of your control. They’re not your fault. They don’t count against you. And in most cases, people want to keep a lower deductible for comprehensive coverage. And I think, in Denver, in this market, thefts are at 1,000% right now, auto thefts, and catalytic converters are being stolen like they’re in Walgreens in California. So we need to keep the deductible and talk to your agent as low as you can afford so that you’re not out-of-pocket $500 or $1,000 if your catalytic converter gets stolen. electra2 vst crack
So talk to your agent. These are all great questions, but I want to make Havij sure everybody understands what coverage they have and where their money is going. Have a great day.

Call Conaway Insurance Agency in Aurora CO at (303) 752-1441 

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