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Hi. Today, instead of answering a question that we received through email, I want to take a few moments and talk about the Marshall Fire that recently came through, and the devastation that we’ve seen. Over a a thousand homes were a total loss. And I did have clients that were impacted.
And so I wanted to reach out to the homeowners, and give you a few points of advice, some things to go over with your agent. Number one, make sure that your dwelling is sufficient. You have sufficient dwelling coverage to rebuild your home. Reconstruction costs can vary widely from county to county, from city to city. And you actually serial number proshow producer 7 want to break it down on a price per square foot. So you want to know what reconstruction costs are per square foot, and then make sure your policy matches accordingly.
The next thing, your contents, so what do you have in your home? Well, take video, take pictures, walk around your home and take video of each room and document those things. If you’re an Allstate customer, you have access to a feature within your account called a digital locker. And you can upload the video and pictures for storage on the cloud.
So that’s one way of knowing, because if everything is gone, how are you going to recall what was in the home? And that’s what we call unscheduled personal property.
The last piece that I want to cover is scheduled personal property. So if you have valuables, or items, expensive jewelry, furs, watches, things that would go over the built in limits of your policy. A trading card collection, for example, may only be covered up to a thousand dollars. If that secureline vpn license file 2016 collection is worth $4,000, you should schedule that with your agent on your policy individually so it has its own coverage and its own deductible.
And that way, should anything happen, that those items would be covered in their entirety. So those are just a few things that I think all homeowners should look out for. And thank you for your time.

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