Justin P.

I’ve thankfully only had one accident since joining Conaway Insurance Agency and have only had one issue with my home and both incidents were handled amazingly by the agency. The roof of my house was not only inspected quickly by an agent, but the company did everything to make the process fast and easy. The same can be said about the car. There was no back and forth between the agency and me having to “fight” to get my car fixed. In fact, when I went to pick it up from the repair shop the windshield still had a crack in it (they said it was because the agent didn’t believe it was from the accident), once I explained that it hadn’t been cracked prior, it was fixed promptly and, again, the agency gave me no issues. I have heard horror stories from other people using different companies and I was amazed at how easy the agency made it and how I didn’t have to “haggle” to get things fixed properly. They just took care of it as if it were their own house/car. Thank you!