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Why Is Auto Insurance Is Important? – Aurora CO

Hello, this is Dawn with Conway Insurance Agency here at Allstate Insurance. The question for today is, “Why is auto insurance so important?” The main reason is because it is required by law to carry liability coverage, which is your main auto insurance. There’s two lines within that liability coverage. One is bodily injury, and the other is property damage. This protects the other person. So, if the other person is injured, they are entitled to file a claim under your bodily injury part of the policy to pay for their medical bills up to your bodily injury limit. If their vehicle is damaged, they also are entitled to file a claim under your property damage, up to your property damage limit, to pay for the damages to their vehicle.
That was a great question. Thank you so much for the question. Keep  those questions coming and you guys, out there, have a great day.

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