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Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage To Car? – Aurora CO

Hey, guys. This is Jose with Allstate Insurance with Conaway Agency. Today’s question we have is, “Will homeowner’s insurance cover hail damage to a car?” The answer to that question is no. Usually, your car should have its own insurance that would be covered under its comprehensive coverage. The good thing about Allstate is that if you have damage to your home due to hail and your auto at the same time, you can actually claim both of those and use just one deductible. That actually, depending on how high the deductible is, asoftech photo recovery crack you can use one. Both of those coverages would be covered under two different claims, but with one deductible so you wouldn’t have to be charged twice.
Again, guys, this is Jose. Thank you again for that question and your time. You guys have a good day, take care.

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